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Cuticle Oils

Cuticle oils are made by me in small batches. Scents are beautiful, yet soft. I am mindful of scent sensitivity for many people and places of business. My primary base oils are 100% organic & cold pressed, all base oils are made in Canada, & cruelty free.

Cuticle oils may help keep your skin & nails moisturized, helping them stay strong & healthy. They may promote healthy nail growth, nourish & soften the cuticle, help prevent hangnails, repair & protect your skin, and prevent breakage & lifting nails.

Cuticle oils are available in 2 base formulas, Classic & Xtra. I personally have very dry cuticles due to my lifestyle, health & climate, so I use Xtra for that extra boost of hydration. The Xtra formula does take longer to absorb. Allow it to sit for a moment before rubbing in, & another moment before touching surfaces. If you're unsure which formula might be best for you, consider the formula sample pack.