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Tips & Tricks

 Problem Reason/Solution
Struggling with glitters - pour dip into a dipping tray or cupcake liner. Gently tap the container to bring glitters to the surface. Apply Dip & Gloss, lay nail into the container. Trace cuticle line, gently press glitters flat using a sandwich baggie or glitter press. Repeat as desired. Apply generous coat of Activate, allow to dry. Apply Dip & Gloss, dip in clear 1-2x, repeat if required. Finish mani as normal.
Cracking/chipping - contaminated Activate. Ensure you are thoroughly brushing off excess powder between layers, and wiping your liquids brushes on a lint free wipe before returning to the bottle.
- not enough layers. This decreases the strength of your dip nails, and your natural nail may be able to bend beneath your dip. Add additional layers, and consider using the Apex Method to apply.
Lifting/popping - natural nails not sufficiently prepped. Ensure all oils removed, cuticles pushed back, invisible cuticle removed, and nail lightly buffed. Nails will hold water after washing/showering. Avoid washing for approx 30min before application
- product applied to skin.
- dip too thick at cuticle. Ensure thin layers and trace your cuticle after dipping to remove product. Filing/blending your cuticle area to remove bulk. Consider using the Apex Method to apply.
- if your dip is lifting, please remove! Water will get trapped between the dip and your natural nail and may cause greenies.
Dip didn't harden - layers too thick and Activate was unable to solidify all layers.
- Activate not liberally applied.
- Activate was not left on long enough for layers to solidify prior to filing/buffing
Topcoat isn't shiny - Activate was not used prior to topcoat, or timing was off. Buff off topcoat and try again.
- Dip & Gloss is contaminated.
Brush hardened - your dip & gloss and/or brush is contaminated with activate
- thoroughly wipe/rinse your brush and return to bottle allowing it to sit
- ensure proper timing when applying your topcoat to reduce risk of contamination. You can also wipe your nails with a lint free wipe after activate, prior to topcoat
Dip & Gloss is thick/goopy - your dip & gloss is contaminated with powder and/or activate
- if it is too goopy, or hard, it is unusable and needs to be replaced
- please do not use gel thinner from another company. Chemical reaction may occur and results/safety is unknown