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How to- Dip

Dip Nail Instructions:

Prep the nail by gently pushing back cuticles and removing the invisible cuticle from the nail plate. Wash your hands with dish soap (soaps containing moisturizers may lead to lifting of nail enhancements). I recommend waiting approx 30 mins to ensure no moisture is left in the nail, which can also lead to lifting. 

Gently buff the shine off the surface of your nail for stronger adhesion. 

(Optional) Apply any prep liquids to dehydrate the nail. Follow the dry time directions. 

**Oily nail beds will cause premature lifting. Use of rubbing alcohol or prep liquids can help.

**Flexible nails, or longer nails benefit from the creation of an apex to increase strength and longevity. "Apex method" can be done as a base prior to colour, or with colour.

Step 1: Dip & Gloss

Apply a thin layer of Dip & Gloss, up to, but not touching the cuticle.  Be sure to wipe your brush on a lint free wipe or quality paper towel before putting it back in the base bottle to avoid contamination of your liquids. 

Dip nail into, lay nail flat on powder, or pour dip powder over nail. Tap excess off. 

Continue on each finger. 

Starting with the first finger, brush off any excess dip with a brush of your choice (stiff bristled brushes work best) to remove excess powder. 

Repeat the above steps to achieve the depth of colour you prefer. 

Step 2: Activator

Once you've completed your coats of dip powder, thoroughly brush off any excess powder, and apply a generous coat of Activator and allow to dry (approx 45 seconds). Once dry, file your nails into the desired shape and buff the whole surface of your nail until smooth. 

Rinse your hands well with water ONLY, and dry thoroughly. 

Once dry, apply another generous coat of Activator to one hand, capping the free edge of your nail.  

Step 3: Dip & Gloss

Allow Activator to dry for 2 minutes. Your topcoat requires Activator to achieve that high shine. Applying too soon may cause liquid contamination.

When the timer is up, apply a thin and quick coat of Dip & Gloss, minimizing strokes as much as possible per nail, and again, wiping your brush on a lint free wipe before returning the brush back to the bottle. 

Upon completion of the first coat of Dip & Gloss to your entire, immediately apply your second, more detailed coat of Dip & Gloss to the same hand, capping your free edge. 

Nails should be cured in approx 60 seconds. 

Repeat Dip & Gloss steps on your second hand. 

Step 4: 

Stare at your beautiful nails for an embarrassing amount of time, and find any reason to show them off. Take photos from every angle, in all lighting, and show them off in our amazing group!

Gel Method

1.Prep your natural nail. Clean and free the nail plate of any dirt and oils, push your cuticles back, clip any hangnails, remove invisible cuticle and lightly buff the surface of the nail plate.
2.Apply thin layer of gel base coat.
3.Pour dip over nail. Tap off excess powder.
4.Cure under UV light as per light instructions. Dark colours may require a flash cure of the gel prior to colour application, and may require longer curing times.
5.Brush off excess powder.
6.Repeat steps 2-5 until desired opacity is achieved.
7.Apply thin layer of gel base coat and cure.
8.Apply thin layer of gel topcoat and cure. 
9.Wipe with alcohol if topcoat is not a tack free topcoat to remove tacky layer.
10.Enjoy your beautiful nails!